Tummy Times / 5 Tips for Traveling With a Baby on Board 2021.07.16

5 Tips for Traveling With a Baby on Board

Jenna Bennett

This trip is going to be different—you’ve got a new baby!

You’ve been cooped up for the past year. You need a change of scenery. Maybe a sparkling pool and a palm tree or two. But this trip is going to be different—you’ve got a new baby. While it might seem overwhelming, we’re here to help calm your nerves and assure you that traveling with a newborn is very possible and very fulfilling! Check out the following tips on how to successfully tackle your next trip!

1. Plan for Several Outfit Changes

Make sure to pack more than one outfit per day for your little one. You never know when spit-up or a blowout is on the horizon, and traveling can increase the probability of both. Plus, baby clothes are tiny and lightweight so they’re super easy to stock up on.

2. Rethink the Stroller and Car Seat 

If you’re getting on a plane, eliminating extra bulk is key. You already have checked bags, carry-on bags and diaper bags to tote. Our advice? Leave most of your gear at home. You can rent strollers and car seats once you arrive at your destination. Just make arrangements with a hotel, car rental company or baby gear rental company ahead of time so there are no surprises.

3. Make the Most of Mealtime

There’s something about traveling that makes everyone (even those with the tiniest tummies) hungry. So make sure you bring plenty of food and formula for your little one. A good guideline is to double the amount you think you need. And don’t forget to pack their supplements! Biostime Daily Probiotics with Vitamin D or Daily Probiotics with HMO are always good options. 

4. Send Some Invites

Consider inviting close friends or family members along on your getaway. Having that extra help makes a huge difference. It lets you enjoy that long shower, grab a bite to eat or do a little solo pool time.

5. Arrive Extra Early

On top of unexpected traffic and delays, you now have to factor in feeding, diaper changes and gear rental. Whether you’re heading to a restaurant, a hotel or the airport, leave at least 30-45 minutes before you normally would. 

We hope these tips have you feeling more confident about your upcoming excursion. While your new travel buddy requires some extra time and preparation, we promise a great trip is in your future. Make sure to send us a postcard!

P.S. Traveling with a baby AND a toddler? Don’t forget to pack some activities to keep the big brother or sister busy—especially if you’re flying or driving for long periods of time. Try coloring books, new toys and simple craft projects. 

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